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Clinical Case Studies

Take your knowledge of A&P to the next level with real-world clinical scenarios and assessments that reinforce key concepts. Click on the title of a case study below to download the student worksheet.

Chapter 3: Dangerously Thin: A Case Study on the Genetic Code
Chapter 6: Look Out Below: A Case Study on Bone Tissue Structure and Repair
Chapter 9: Overheated: A Case Study on Skeletal Muscle Physiology
Chapter 11: Going Under the Knife: A Case Study on Membrane Structure and Function
Bad Fish: A Case Study on Nervous Tissue
Chapters 12 & 13: The Mysterious Episodes of Mary: A Case Study on Neuroanatomy
Chapter 13: "My Leg is on Fire": A Case Study on Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Anatomy
Chapter 16: "My Brother Calls Me ‘Bug Eyes’": A Case Study on the Endocrine System
Chapter 17: Blood Everywhere: A Case Study in Blood
Fatigued: A Case on Blood
Chapter 18: Crimes of the Heart: A Case Study on Cardiac Anatomy
Chapter 22: I Can't Stop Coughing: A Case Study on the Respiratory System
Chapter 23: Peptic Ulcer Disease: A Case on the Digestive System
Chapters 23 & 24: Booze Blues: A Case Study on the Liver
Chapter 25: Max's Maximum: A Case Study on the Urinary System
Chapter 26: The Car Accident: A Case Study on Acid-Base Balance
Chapter 27: Angela's Story: A Case Study on the Reproductive System

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