Employee Safety and Health
Self-Study Quiz: Multiple Choice

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1 .       The basic causes of accidents in the text do not include: [Hint]


2 .       OSHA's requirements cover all the following except: [Hint]


3 .       An abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment is: [Hint]


4 .       OSHA enforces its standards through: [Hint]


5 .       Most OSHA inspections result from: [Hint]


6 .       OSHA may conduct a workplace inspection only after obtaining: [Hint]


7 .       An OSHA inspection begins when: [Hint]


8 .       Employers and employees are informed by OSHA of specific violations by means of: [Hint]


9 .       OSHA does not permit employers to: [Hint]


10 .       Employees have the responsibility under OSHA to: [Hint]


11 .       Courts hold ___________ responsible for workplace safety violations. [Hint]


12 .       The most effective method for eliminating employer liability is to: [Hint]


13 .       Safety in the workplace begins with: [Hint]


14 .       Basic causes of workplace accidents do not include: [Hint]


15 .       The primary method of preventing accidents caused by unsafe conditions is: [Hint]


16 .       The most serious workplace accidents occur: [Hint]


17 .       An employer's first line of defense against workplace accidents is to: [Hint]


18 .       Getting employees to want to work safely is the responsibility of: [Hint]


19 .       Training workers to avoid identified behaviors that contribute to accidents is known as: [Hint]


20 .       The time to start controlling workers' compensation claims is: [Hint]


21 .       The most effective tool for reducing workers' compensation costs is a(n): [Hint]


22 .       Dealing with alcohol and substance abuse usually begins with: [Hint]


23 .       Job-related factors may lead to drug abuse because of: [Hint]


24 .       Employer consequences of stress may be evidenced by: [Hint]


25 .       The total depletion of physical and mental resources caused by an excessive striving to reach an unrealistic work-related goal is: [Hint]


26 .       Employers may not test employees and applicants for AIDS because of: [Hint]


27 .       An employer's AIDS policy should not: [Hint]


28 .       The second biggest cause of fatalities in the workplace is: [Hint]


29 .       Employees can reduce workplace violence by the following steps except: [Hint]


30 .       An employer's first line of defense against workplace violence is: [Hint]


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