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The Melting Pot Theory

Examine the "melting pot theory" – an analogy in which people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions are combined to develop a multiethnic society. Many communities have become more racially diverse over the years. What about Austin, TX?


  1. From the 2000 Census Tract map view, use the tool to locate Austin, TX. Type in Austin City, TX, select it from the list of options and click OK to map it.
  2. For the purpose of this activity, you are going to compare three racial variables: % Black; % Asian; and % Hispanic. (While these are blanket terms for more specific cultures, they will help us to visualize a broad picture of racial “mixing.”)
  3. In the category drop-down menu, select Race. In the variable drop-down menu, select % Black.
  4. Save this map by clicking on the first slide of the slideshow tool.
  5. Next look at the variables % Asian and % Hispanic. Save these two maps to the slideshow tool.
  6. Then in the first drop-down menu, select the 1980 Census Tract map. Look at the same category and variables, and save these three maps to the slideshow tool.

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