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Oral Examples

Listen to some exchanges using –ar verbs. Repeat each exchange, concentrating on what the sentences mean.

Example 1

Listen to the example

—¿Dónde trabaja Manuel?
Trabaja en una empresa de informática.

Where does Manuel work?
He works at a computer company.

Example 2

Listen to the example

—¿Qué estudian ustedes?
Yo estudio economía. Ella estudia música.

What are you studying?
I’m studying economics. She’s studying music.

Example 3

Listen to the example

—¿Miras algo en la televisión?
—No, pinto y escucho música.

Are you watching something on TV?
No, I’m painting and listening to music.

Example 4

Listen to the example

—¿A qué se dedican ustedes?
—Yo me dedico a los negocios. Mi esposo se dedica a la fotografía.

What do you do? (What’s your line of work?)
I’m in business. My husband is in photography.

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